illustration de la voiture: tesla model x (face gauche)

Transport services in Tesla Model X

On-board services

DomalseT offers services in line with the car’s prestige.

illustration de l'eau


Enjoy for each of your journeys a bottle of water, plain or gaseous.

illustration d'une tablette


An iPad connected to enjoy news, news's paper and internet access.

illustration d'une batterie


Chargers with micro usb wire, lighting and USB C.

illustration de personnes


Four seats in individual electric seats, plus two additional seats.

illustration d'une carte bancaire


Possibility to pay in cash or with a credit card illustration des différentes cartes bancaire utilisables on board the vehicle.

illustration de la musique


Enjoy all your favorite music with Spotify premium.

 illustration d'une voiture: tesla model x (face-gauche et arriere)

Unusual doors

The doors of the "Falcon" type, fully electric, allow very easy access to the second and third row rear seats.

A 100% electric car

  • Silent and respectful for the environment.
  • Equipped with a large trunk.
  • Able to accelerate, at your request, from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds.
  • Up to 7 individual seats (third row folding seats).
 illustration de l'intérieur d'une voiture: tesla model x


DomalseT is present in Paris and throughout the Paris region to offer its services.

illustration d'un avion en papier

Daily commuting

  • Business travel
  • Airport transfer, train station, heliport...
  • Family outing
  • Shopping trip

illustration d'une baguette magique


  • Events (salon, weddings, sports events...)
  • Gift box to offer
  • Sightseeing (Paris, Champagne, Loire Valley Castles ...)
  • Privatization (by the hour, by the day...)

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